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Cast and characters -stolen from wikipedia


-Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland) – A genius scientist whose alcoholic tendencies are the source of concern for his daughter's family over the safety of their son Morty.

-Morty Smith (Justin Roiland) – Rick's good-natured but easily influenced 14 year old grandson, usually dragged into his misadventures.

-Jerry Smith (Chris Parnell) – Morty's insecure father, who strongly disapproves of Rick's influence over his son. His marriage is jeopardized by Jerry's poor relationship with father-in-law Rick. Jerry works at a low-level advertising agency.

-Beth Smith (née Sanchez) (Sarah Chalke) – Morty's mother, Rick's daughter, and a cardiac surgeon on horses. Level-headed and assertive, she struggles with her husband over his ego, which thrives in defiance of his proven mediocrity.

-Summer Smith (Spencer Grammer) – Morty's older sister, a more conventional teenager who values her image and constant access to cell phones.

-Mr Poopy Butthole (Justin Roiland) – A family friend that has been there for the good times.


-Jessica (Kari Wahlgren) is a classmate of Morty at his school. She is an attractive girl often shown in his math class. Morty has an obvious crush on her, but Jessica doesn't acknowledge Morty frequently.

-Mr. Goldenfold (Brandon Johnson) is Morty's math teacher.

-Gene Vagina (Phil Hendrie) is the principal of Harry Herpson High School. He is good freinds with Mr. Goldenfold.

-Joyce Smith is Jerry's mother, Leonard's wife, and Morty's grandmother.

-Leonard Smith (Dana Carvey) is Jerry's father, Joyce's husband, and Morty's grandfather.

-Ethan is the boyfriend of Summer. His relationship with Summer is kept secret until he barges in and confronts Summer about not answering his texts. Ethan is shown to be somewhat clingy, and deals with his own mess of insecurities, which Jacob helps him admit during the Smith's Christmas.

-Jacob is a family friend of Jerry's parents, and is later revealed to be Joyce's lover.

-Mr. Meeseeks (Justin Roiland) are creatures summoned by activating a Meeseeks Box.

-Annie is a member and only survivor of Dr. Xenon Bloom's team working on the Anatomy Park. Morty has a crush on her.

-Snuffles, also known as Snowball was Morty's pet dog featured in the episode "Lawnmower Dog". Snuffles is a small, fluffy white-haired dog that experiences some trouble with being pottytrained until Rick develops an IQ-enhancing helmet for him at the request of Jerry.